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Volunteers Welcome

If your interested in volunteering on CY email:  Ethan Beeler at ethan_beeler@nps.gov


Breaking News
Cassin Young will be moving to the west side of Pier 1 on or about June 17 2017.  USS Constitution will be using CY's berth for a few months while they put Constitutions masts and rigging back on after her 3 year Dry Dock #1. Constitution entered the dry-dock on 18 May 2015 and will leave the dry dock on or around the week of July 24 2017
Sail Boston 2017 (TALL SHIPS)
NPS and Volunteers are getting ready for June 17, 2017 when a flotilla of upwards of 50 sailing ships including a number of Class A tall ships which will enter the harbor with a parade of sail kicking off a week of festivities and fun around the Harbor... for more information check out Sail Boston 2017 web site... http://www.sailboston.com/