USS Cassin Young DD-793 - Mark 9 Depth Charges


Type: Mark 9 Mod 2 -Tear Drop


Explosives: 190lbs

Overall Weight: 340lbs


Setting Depths: 30-1000ft

Sink Rate: 22.7 ft/sec

Note: Fins to make it spin and thus stabilize its underwater trajectory



Fatal Damage:             within 30 feet (10 meters)

Serious Damage:        within 60 feet (20 meters)

Significant Damage:  within 90 feet (30 m)


WW2 Configuration:

two Roller Racks on Fantail

Six K-Guns port/starboard aft (K-guns can throw DC 50-150 yards)


1954 Refit: 1 roller rack removed all 6 K-Guns removed



Typical K Gun Configuration: (picture not Cassin Young)