USS Cassin Young DD-793 - 5"/38cal Duel Purpose Gun

Gun Statistics


Surface(45°): 9 mi / 14km

Altitude(85°): 7 mi / 11km or 37,000 feet


Ammunition (Click here for detailed ammo Information)

Projectile weight: 50-55lbs / 25kg

Powder weight: 30lbs / 14 kg

Rate of Fire: 15-20 rounds/min

Time of flight: up to 68 sec @2500fps

Rounds per gun approx: 500 rnds.

Total rounds approx: 2500 rnds.


Barrel: Has a five inch (127 mm) bore and a length 38 times the bore diameter, or 190 inches (9ft) (4.8 m) long.

Barrel Life: 600 Rounds

Muzzle Velocity: 2600ft/sec

Working Pressure: 18 tons/in2- 36,000PSI

Recoil: 15”-19”

Elevation Rate: 18°/sec


Gun Mount

Type: Mark 30 Mod 41

Weight of Mount: 20.7 Tons

Train Rate: 34°/sec

Number of Mounts: 5



Turret: 9 men,  Handling Room: 9-11 men, Powder Magazine: 5 men - Total One Gun: 23-25 men