USS Cassin Young DD-793 - MK 37 Gun Fire Control System


The Mark 37 director furnishes elevation, bearing, and range to targets. Set is useful in getting a solution into the computer before the target gets into the range of visibility.

The AN/SPG-25 radar antenna was slaved to the optical range finder sights extending from the sides of the director. Both were controlled by a stable element to adjust the angle to maintain these components horizontal (parallel with the water surface) as the ship rolled.

Four or five personnel were crammed into the director for gunfire missions. The Director Officer sat on a seat under the black folding hood. He had a set of binoculars that were slaved to the sights and a trigger for direct fire control of the guns. This was the highest manned position on the ship and the best seat in the house for observing the show! Two operators inside the front of the director operated the range and elevation equipment. Another man at the rear operated the optical sights, and a radar operator in the rear operated the radar equipment.