USS Cassin Young DD-793 - Water Distilling Plant

Russell Soloshell Double Effect Evaporator


12,000 gallons of water per day.


End product is fresh water with approximately:

3 grains/gal, or a bit over 4 PPM.


Simple Explanation:

The plant drew in seawater, boiled it into steam, separated out the salty brine, and cooled the steam, which then condensed into fresh water.

Detailed Explanation:

The distilling plant is a low-pressure, double-effect, single-shell, submerged-tube type with a rated capacity of 12,000 gal. per day of distillate having a chlorine content not exceeding one-fourth grain per U.S. gallon with first-effect steam at a pressure not exceeding 5 p.s.i. gage, distilling condenser vacuum 26 inch Hg., and brine overboard discharge density 1 1/2 thirty-seconds.