Captain Cassin Young - USS San Francisco (CA-38)


Commissioning: 9 Sept-1931

Decommissioned: 110 Feb-1946

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Displacement: 9,950 Tons

Length: 588’-2” (179.27m)

Beam: 62’-9" (19.13m)

Draft: 19’-5” (5.92m)

Speed: 32.7 knots (37.6 mph)



Naval Battle of Guadalcanal Nov 12-13 1942


The ship and its fellow cruisers and destroyers steamed into the bar room brawl that was the Night Battle of Guadalcanal. The American force, consisting of two heavy cruisers, three light cruisers, and eight destroyers, attacked a Japanese force of two battleships and thirteen cruisers and destroyers at ranges of less than three miles. The wild melee lasted only minutes but resulted in the loss of thirteen of the twenty-eight ships engaged. The SAN FRANCISCO was struck more than forty times by heavy shells and suffered 77 sailors, including Rear Admiral Daniel J. Callaghan and Captain Cassin Young, killed and 105 wounded, but she survived the battle relatively intact.

She returned to Pearl Harbor and spent the next four months being repaired.


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