USS Cassin Young DD-793 - Kamikaze Hit #2


July 30, 1945, 0324 hrs.

Okinawa Radar Picket Station King 3 at Entrance to Buckner Bay.

22 KIA, 45 WIA


Wood and Canvas Biplane crashes into starboard side at whale, boat above forward Fire Room.



 Yokosuka K5Y “Willow” Trainer




Except from War Diary

July 30, 1945


Called to battle stations at 0254 picked up bogies to Southwest. One bogey approached the ship from the southwest, having passed over the southern end of Okinawa. Opened fire on this plane at 0324, while maneuvering radically. The plane however was a 60 knot land biplane and could not be out maneuvered. About 30 seconds after opening fire the plane was seen on the starboard quarter diving at an angle of 20 degrees.  She hit the ship at the starboard boat davits, exploding and gutting the after bridge and main deck structures.

Large fire along starboard side and electrical fires in main radio.  Electrical circuits, gyro compass and starboard shaft put out of commission.

All fires out by 0356 and at 0400 proceeded on one engine to port.