USS Cassin Young DD-793 - List of Last Kamikaze Hits of WW2

Last Ship's Hit By Kamikaze's (In reverse order from last hit)


Lagrange(APA124) LAST SHIP HIT

13 Aug-45: Anchored in Buckner Bay.  At 1947 One Zeke crashed into port side superstructure cabin deck, second Zeke hit ships king post and crashes 20 yards to port… Damage to cargo ship was significant and killing 21 and wounding 89.



9 Aug-45: Picket duty with TF38 off Northern Honshu. At 1522 One Zeke crashed of her port quarter. Debris from plane showered the deck and caused injuries. At  1549 one Frank shot down close aboard showering debris and gasoline but no serious damage and had 1 killed and 5 wounded.



9 Aug-45: Picket duty with TF38 off Northern Honshu. At 1456 one Val crashed into her between her mast and 5" gun director.  Its bomb passed through the ship and exploded close aboard with shrapnel causing damage to the starboard side and killed 48 and wounded 66.


Cassin Young(DD793)

30 July-45: Picket Station at Entrance to Buckner Bay. Attack occurred at 0300… We now the results.


Horace A Bass(APD124)

30 July-45: Anti-Sub Patrol off Hagushi.  At 0230 attacked by bi-plane clipped ship and took off some hand rails and a davit and struck water close aboard the port side, its bomb detonated close aboard killing 1 and wounding 15.



29 July-45: Radar Picket Station 9A. At 0152 one Willow(Bi-Plane) struck her causing minor damage, no casualties.


Callaghan(DD792) LAST SHIP SUNK

29 July-45: Radar Picket Station 9A. At 0030 attacked by one Willow(Bi-Plane) crashing on deck above engine room causing a bad fire that at 0155 set of one of her powder magazines. Sinking at 0234. Her casualties were 47 dead and 73 wounded. 


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