USS Cassin Young DD-793 - Kamikaze Hit #1


April 12, 1945, between 1330 and 1350 hrs.

Okinawa Radar Picket Station #1 - 51 miles from Zampa Misaki

1 KIA, 60 WIA


USS Cassin Young, USS Purdy DD-734 (1000 yards astern CY in column) and LCS-33, LCS-57, LCS-114 and LCS-115 were on radar picket station #3 North of Okinawa, patrolling  a 1 1/2 mile equilateral hexagon, centered at 007 deg True, .  Seas were Calm, weather clear, visibility unlimited, cloud coverage two tenths, light breeze from the north, when the group was attacked by at least 6 kamikazes. Three were shot down, one crashing into the sea off the stern 15’ from the ship so close the left wing tore off a piece of the fantail lifeline and impact splash inundates the entire stern.

One plane, a “Val” Dive Bomber, made a diving strafing run on the pilothouse from the front of the ship. The kamikaze crashed into the mainmast, shearing off the top of the mast, the port yardarm, and numerous radar and antennae. The plane continued past the mast and exploded about 50’ behind the mast and 40’ above the ship. The explosion killed Torpedoman 3rd class Robert Moore and caused significant damage to the steam lines and power supplies near the forward fire room. Approximately 60 men are wounded.



  Aichi D3A2 “Val” Dive Bomber




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Damage and repairs Being made (Click on photo to enlarge)


After Hit…

12 Apr-45 = She returns to Kerama Rhetto under her own power.

13 Apr-45 = Anchored in Kerama Rhetto, repairs started.

16 Apr-45 = Leave KR and heads to Ulithi.

23 Apr-45 = Moored alongside USS Yosemite, Ulithi Harbor

13 May-45 = Repairs completed.

16 May-45 = Underway for duty, proceeding to radar picket station #3




Except from USS  Cassin Young War Diary

April 12, 1945

Enemy planes picked up at 1334 directly north of our station and interception was started. The ship came to a westerly course and at 1337 three Vals in a close V formation were sighted.  At 1338 the USS Purdy opens fire immediately followed by the USS Cassin Young and the right wing plane was shot down.  The leading plane went into a falling left dive pulling out at 500 feet; 3000 yards on the starboard bow and swept in across the bow in a tight left turn.  The rudder was shifted from hard right to hard left and the Val crashed at 1340, 25 feet off the port quarter. At 1343 a Val 2000 yards on the port quarter commenced a very low altitude run on the USS Purdy was taken under fire and shot down. A fourth Val was taken under fire at 1344 at 5000 yards, Position angle 20 as he dove at the ship in a low angle dive on the starboard beam. Rudder thrown hard right and the plane crashed into and carried away the port yardarm and upper section of the foremast with SG, SC and numerous radio antennae and exploded in midair 50 feet from the ship.  A broken salt water line short circuited the main board cutting out all power to the main battery director. A ruptured steam line and loss of ventilation in the forward fire room and engine room necessitated their evacuation.  The last Val was now coming in, as did the one before but on the port beam.  The rudder was thrown hard left and at 1348 the planes passed over the ship and crashed on the port quarter.  USS Cassin Young at 1350 headed to Kerama Rhetto at slow speed.